Landscape Design and Planning

Landscape Design

The onsite consultation is the first stepping stone to developing your outdoor space. During this consultation your goals and ambitions will be discussed so that a brief for the project can be established. This will help our designers produce the best possible outcome for your project.

The onsite consultation is an exchange of visions and ideas for the project and takes about an hour. Design options, products and materials will be discussed along with your goals for the project. During this consultation a fee agreement will be discussed, outlining the fees to develop a concept plan. There is no obligation to proceed at this stage.

Landscape Planning

The concept plan is the first overall drawing of your garden. It is a layout of the current space identifying the basic requirements and ambitions for the project, providing you with a visual image of the new garden. The design is developed using Auto CAD (landscape design software).

Now that the design can be visualised feedback is encouraged from all parties involved to maintain the design brief. Materials, products, textures and plant species are chosen to then be added to the final design plan. The final design plan is detailed and will be required for the construction process as it will identify all aspects of the construction including plant location, heights, measurements and materials.

Plans may include
  • Concept design
  • Elevation drawings
  • Engineers drawings
  • Construction details
  • Plant schedules
  • Maintenance plans
  • Irrigation layout
  • Lighting plans

Landscape Design
Design and Planning

Landscape Construction

Landscape Maintenance

Council Applications
Council Applications

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